Posted by: daggles | 8 December 2007

Extra Credit: 5 Favourite Technologies

Instead of picking 5 general things like computers, cell phones, etc., I’m going to be specific.

wacom_graphire3_6x8.jpgGraphics Tablet

The first tablet, called the Grafacon, was developed by the RAND Corporation in 1964. Since then it has become more advanced and affordable. A tablet consists of a flat surface, upon which a user can use a pen (stylus) to write or draw. Electromagnetic signals are passed between the pen and tablet. The image will then appear on the user’s computer. One of the main uses for a tablet is as a drawing tool (this is what I use mine for, and I love it), and the pen is even pressure-sensitive and has an eraser at the end (and many have customizable buttons). Otherwise, a tablet can be used instead of a mouse to navigate around.


The iPod was introduced by Apple in 2001 and has become the most popular portable media players to date. Everyone and their grandma has owned at least one. Models include the classic, mini, nano, shuffle, video, touch, and now there is even an iPhone. I have a black 30gig video (as seen in the picture) and I’m pleased with it. Relatively small, lots of space for my 4,000 songs, videos, and pictures, plus it looks pretty sexy. And instead of finding a mirror, I can just flip my iPod around :)


Programmer Bram Cohen designed the bittorrent protocol in 2001. It is a peer-to-peer protocol which downloads bits and pieces of a whole from a number of users instead of just one, meaning the speed depends on the number of users, seeders, sharing the file. I’ve used bittorrent for quite a while, and though is sort of losing steam, it still holds a special place in my geeky little heart. And of course I use it to download completely legal material…


This is a no-brainer. The Internet was created sometime in the 60’s and mostly used by the military. In the 90’s it gained popularity, and today almost everyone is on the net. The Internet is such an amazing thing; communication, entertainment, media, networking, sharing, etc. You name it, it’s probably on the Internet somewhere. I love it not only because I can find pretty much anything I need, but also because where else are you going to see pictures of cats with stupid captions and find them absolutely hilarious? Nowhere but the Internet.

nintendo64green.jpgConsole Video Games

While I do enjoy computer games, I prefer console games. In 1972 the Magnavox Odyssey, invented by Ralph Baer, was released. It had a tennis game not unlike Pong. Since then we have seen the Ataris, Nintendos, Segas, Playstations, and Xboxs, each with their own games. The first console I remember was my beloved Sega Saturn (hours of sonic), followed by a green Nintendo 64 (pictured), and now I have a Playstation 2 (hours of RPGs and FPSs). I play a lot of different games, but my all-time favourite is Super Smash Bros for the N64. Kirby for the win!




  1. kirby flt.

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