Posted by: daggles | 2 December 2007

Chapter 8 Lab

The MistComputers in Context

The Mist, a recent movie based my favorite novella by my man Stephen King, is about a group of people who become stranded in a supermarket after a strange mist completely covers their town. Within this mist are strange creatures, from prehistoric-looking reptilian bird things to giant spiders to colossal beasts hundreds of stories tall – all of which would love to snack on humans.

Obviously any movie with otherworldly monsters is going to have a ton of CG animation. Showing flashes of insect close-ups and then zooming out to a poorly-made puppet just doesn’t cut it anymore. And since there needed to be a thick mist around the town, I’m sure quite a few fog machines were used as well.

The overall quality of the film is pretty dependent on these special effects. Without them it would just be another 90’s monster flick on the Sci-Fi channel. The audience wouldn’t have been as creeped out by the slimy bugs sitting on the supermarket display window had they looked horribly fake.

I was very pleased with the outcome, but then again I’m biased because I’m a fan of the story.

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