Posted by: daggles | 29 November 2007

Chapter 9 Lab

I would be interested in being a

  • Computer Technician
    • I love tinkering with computers and this sees like the most basic computer job I could have. I would ideally work within a single corporation.
  • Network Administrator
    • I’m not 100% sure this is what I want to do, but knowledge of networking is in high demand and it would be a step up from being a tech.
  • Computer Forensic Specialist
    • My dream job. I love forensic science (forensic crime scene investigation was my career choice before I got into computers), so why not combine that with my love of computers?

Job Listings

  • Computer Technician
    • “Installs, maintains, troubleshoots and upgrades computer hardware, software, personal computer networks, peripheral equipment and City-wide electronic mail systems; assesses user training needs and trains users in effective use of applications; makes recommendations regarding hardware and software acquisitions; prepares documentation and provides user assistance to City staff; and performs related work as required”
    • $4,299 – $5,373 per month
    • Qualifications
      • Two years of college-level work related to computers
      • Knowledge of hardware and software, including networking, installation, and management
  • Network Administrator
    • Maintain the hardware and software related to networks
    • $54,000 -$62,000 per year
    • Qualifications
      • 3+ years of experience with Windows 2000 Servers
      • 3+ years of experience with SQL Servers
      • Knowledge of UNIX, Lotus Notes, and ERP
      • Avaya knowledge and experience
  • Forensics Computer Examiner
    • Supervise forensic technicians; plan and budget forensic investigations; collect data at sites; conduct details analysis; provide reports; testify as a professional if necessary
    • $80,000 – $130,000 per year
    • Qualifications
      • Hands-on experience with computers, including laptops, Macs, PDAs, Phones, and networks
      • 3+ years of related experience
      • Full understanding of chain of custody, federal search and seizure guidelines, and data collection
      • Communication skills
      • Legal experience
      • Experience in: EnCase, Paraben, Logicube, Robocopy, FTK, Helix

My Current Skills

  • Knowledge of computer hardware and software
  • Experience with HTML, CSS, and some SQL
  • Good troubleshooting skills
  • Good writing skills
  • Very investigative
  • Enjoys working in groups

I have chosen to create a plan for Computer Forensics. I would have to gain knowledge of

  • Basic forensics, which I can learn in FIS courses offered at IUPUI
    • These courses also cover forensics as it relates to the law, so I can also gain legal experience
  • Communication skills, which would be learned in COMM courses
  • Many programs may be introduced in CIT or CSCI courses

Checking JagJobs, I found a few IT positions, as well as Information Security positions available.

For Networking and Computer Forensics, I am still unsure as to what exactly I need to learn and how.  To figure this out, talking to people who work in these fields would obviously be the best choice, and there are various places I could look.

Now that I have done some research and thought about these careers, I am not as sure about Networking as I was before.  Being a technician still seems like a good idea, but I have been really motivated to look into Computer Forensics more.  I’ll try and learn a little more about all three choices before I make any real plans.


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