Posted by: daggles | 17 October 2007

Chapter 6 Lab


I’m a very open-minded individual, and I know what to expect when I go on the Internet. If I stumble upon some questionable content, even if I’m offended or disturbed by it, I know that whomever put it there had every right to. A simple click of the back button is enough: no reason to raise a stink about it. The only reason we have so much controversy about censorship on the Internet is because uppity people with nothing better to do than complain decide that they want to find a scapegoat for all the world’s problems, and what better thing to blame than the Internet, something that is readily available and open to everyone.

About parents censoring their child’s access, they have every right to. As a matter of fact, they should. I’m sick and tired of seeing all these stories about kids meeting people off of Myspace and getting kidnapped/raped/murdered. Everyone points fingers at Myspace, claiming that it makes it easy to find someone. If you’re smart, you don’t accept friend requests from strangers and then post bulletins with your entire address, school, phone number, and other personal information. No one thinks to ask why these kids actually were dumb enough to meet the people in the first place. If their parents were paying attention to them and actually cared about what they were doing while on the computer, these kinds of scenarios would never happen. Sure, your kid may hate you for not letting them go everywhere, but at least you care.

As for government Internet censorship, that’s just wrong. A small group of people have no right to restrict Internet access to an entire nation. They impose their views on their citizens who cannot really do anything about it. Individuals need to form opinions about topics on their own, not have others do it for them.

If people are smart, they can avoid content that they don’t to view themselves, without outside help.

My Internet History

I really can’t remember when I got my first computer, but I know that I absolutely loved it. Then I discovered the wonders of the Internet. Reading articles and stories (fanfiction) was my main hobby, then came AOL chatrooms. I left those after I realized that I didn’t want to grow up typing in ch4t sp33k, taught myself HTML and CSS, and began making simple websites.

Two years ago I still read tons of articles about anything and everything, and my coding skills had advanced immensely. I spent my time playing with web design and having my own domain.

Nowadays it’s pretty much the same, just add more piracy :]



  1. That was a really joy of a read

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