Posted by: daggles | 19 September 2007

Chapter 2 Lab – Future of Hardware

Where are we headed?
Small, super fast, large capacity handheld devices that are a computer, phone, mp3 player, camera, USB hub, laser pointer, game console, personal organizer, GPS, fry cooker, and anything-else-we-can-cram-into-it, all in one. It will have a price tag of your firstborn, but everyone will just have to have it.

What do you most want to see become available?
Cool helmets that transmit my brain signals directly to my computer so it does what I think. This way, I can optimize my laziness. Also, virtual reality computer games.

What are the biggest challenges facing the creation of that technology?
SCIENCE! We need to advance more, obviously. Also, money: it’ll take a ton, and no one wants to spend that much. And I’m sure there are a few crazy activists that will rally outside the research facility with picket signs shouting about how creating something like a USB brain wave reading helmet is another way for the government to brainwash and/or monitor us all.



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